CISRS Cards To Go Smart

Recently, Fulcrum Scaffold Safety has received the news that CITB would be terminating their contract to maintain the CISRS Record Centre and Helpline and the production of CISRS cards.

After much deliberation, CISRS decided to award the new contract to NOCN job cards. This decision was influenced by NOCN’s recent acquisition of the CPCS Plant Card Scheme, their involvement in construction industry assessment delivery and their agreement to employ members of the existing delivery team. NOCN will also be arranging a webinar and training for providers on the application process.

With this new partnership, towards the end of the year, new applicants will receive a plastic card and a virtual card that can be accessed via a smartphone or device. This has the added benefit of allowing cardholders to receive renewal notifications straight to their smartphone as well as having a ‘card wallet’ to keep all qualification cards on a single device, allowing contractors to easily collate their operatives’ details and access them as required.

The costs for these cards has increased from £26.50 to £30 and will be set at that price for the next five years.

With this new partnership and the adoption of new technology, it is hoped the application time can be reduced, as well as the current level of card fraud.

If you would like any more information, please feel free to get in touch with us via our contact form.