Duration: Two day course.

Attendees: This CISRS accredited course is for existing CISRS Scaffolders (Part 1, Scaffolder or Advanced) who use ATPAC system scaffolding

Course Content

  • Introduction, welcome and registration
  • Basic Product Information and Manufacturer’s Instructions
  • Legal Overview – Health and Safety
  • British & European Standards
  • Guidance and Industry Standards
  • Component Range
  • Basic system(s) of work
  • Bracing Requirements
  • Ties, Stability and Tie Patterns
  • Loading & Duties
  • Access Towers – Theory & Practical
  • Independent Tied Scaffolds (including returns and hop-ups) – Theory & Practical
  • Birdcage Access Scaffolds – Theory & Practical
  • Loading Towers – Theory & Practical
  • Methods of Access and Egress (including stairways) – Theory & Practical
  • Test Paper
  • Summary & Close


To give the attendees such knowledge and skills to enable them to erect, alter and dismantle ATPAC, in accordance with the System Scaffolding Product Training Scheme Criteria and Manufacturers Recommendations.


Successful delegates will receive a CISRS Completion Certificate and can apply for their current CISRS Card to be endorsed with this ATPAC training.

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