Real Men Don’t Carry Knives

Fulcrum Scaffold Safety are proud to be sponsoring the #RealMenDontCarryKnives campaign with Anfield Boxing Club, which aims to reduce the amount of knife crime and youth violence in Merseyside.

The campaign works in conjunction with schools, youth centres, boxing clubs, sports centres and parks.  It offers outreach, intervention and referrals for youths to educate on the dangers of knife crime and provide a safe place for young people to develop.

Real men don't carry knives campaignKnife crime in Merseyside is at its highest level in ten years, with over 900 reported cases in 2018.  This is an increase of 18% from the previous year’s statistics.

Alan Walsh of the Anfield Boxing Club said:

“Knife crime is devastating communities and families, I believe we can win the battle and young people are the enablers.  The first step is educating the young people and working in partnerships with local businesses to help spread awareness.”

If you would like to follow this campaign, please follow the Real Men Don’t Carry Knives Facebook page or Twitter page.  Any help in spreading awareness or donations will help go towards the removal of knives from the Merseyside area and is a very worthwhile cause.