Fulcrum Scaffold Safety & Training Ltd is proud to announce that David Abraham CertIOSH MIIRSM, was invited by the Welsh Affairs Committee to represent the Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS) and the scaffolding sector’s contribution to the Welsh Government’s “Prisons in Wales” meeting. This invitation highlights Fulcrum’s ongoing commitment to creating positive change within the industry.

Bridging the Skills Gap and Offering Second Chances

Fulcrum is taking a proactive approach to addressing the skills shortage in the scaffolding sector while providing a vital second chance to prisoners and ex-offenders. Through collaboration with prisons in the North West, Fulcrum offers employment opportunities for individuals looking to reintegrate into society with valuable skills.

Training & Skills Development

The program begins with a five-day intensive course conducted within the prison itself. Participants gain hands-on experience through practical scaffolding sessions and earn recognised qualifications, including:

  • CISRS COTS Labourer (Green Card)
  • GQA CSCS Level 1 in Construction Health & Safety

A Multi-faceted Approach

Fulcrum recognises the need for a comprehensive approach. They offer various options to help ex-offenders secure employment upon release:

  • On Release Employment: Fulcrum actively seeks opportunities with local scaffolding companies for individuals nearing release.
  • Direct Contracts: Ex-offenders can be directly employed by companies upon release, fostering a smooth transition.
  • Release on Temporary Licence (ROTL): This program allows prisoners nearing release to work outside the prison while serving their sentences. Fulcrum facilitates employment opportunities, ensuring a safe return to the prison after work hours.

Vetting Process and Success Stories

Fulcrum works collaboratively with both Category C and Category D prisons. Individuals are carefully chosen and vetted by the prison establishments before participating in the initial training course.

The program’s success speaks for itself. Since resuming post-pandemic, Fulcrum has trained over 200 prisoners and secured full-time employment for 210 individuals.

Industry-Wide Support

The scaffolding industry is embracing this initiative. Many companies have joined the program, and the number of participants is expected to grow steadily. Additionally, CISRS has pledged its full support to this impactful scheme.

David Abraham’s Statement

“This inspiring project demonstrates how employment during critical transition periods can significantly reduce the chances of reoffending. Kudos to Fulcrum for making a difference!” – David Abraham CertIOSH MIIRSM

Fulcrum Scaffold Safety & Training Ltd is committed to building a more inclusive and skilled scaffolding industry. This program offers a win-win situation for both the industry and individuals seeking a brighter future.