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Duration:  Five day course.

Attendees: This CISRS accredited course provides accredited training for non-scaffolders who erect, alter and dismantle very basic and routine scaffolding structures using a specific system scaffold product.

Course Content

  • Introduction, welcome and registration
  • Product information & manufacturer’s instructions
  • Legal overview
  • British & European standards
  • Component identification
  • Industry performance standards, including fall prevention, anchor points & advanced guardrails
  • Basic systems of work
  • Ties & stability
  • Methods of access and egress
  • Access & stair towers
  • Independent tied scaffolds, including returns, hop-up brackets, bridging
  • Birdcage scaffolds
  • Loading towers
  • Design engineering and structural capability
  • Written test
  • Test Paper
  • Summary & Close


this course provides operatives with limited skills and knowledge for safe use of a specific system scaffold product in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions within restricted working environments. BASE card holders are only permitted to construct simple system scaffold structures with the product used when completing their CISRS BASE Training. These structures must not exceed a maximum height of 6m and must not be in an environment with a general public interface. Any works outside of these parameters should be carried out by a CISRS Scaffolder or CISRS Advanced Scaffolder depending upon the scope of the work.

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